BOD Telephone Conference
18 May, 2016, 1600 Hours CDT

Attendees:  President Jerry Fine, Vice President Al Major, Treasurer Ray Root, John Wilson, Jim Gaffney, Jimmy Strait, and Secretary Ron Scott.

  1. Meeting start: 1630 hours.
  2. Jerry Fine Announcements, etc.
    1. Al Major needs to get the Phone Bank started (the sooner the better)
    2. Utilize the same volunteers as last year. Besides people on their respective lists, try to call their buddies.
    3. Jim Gaffney can create Excel spreadsheets to fit the needs of phone bank volunteers (by state, area code, etc.).
    4. If anyone needs information about the Steiger Fund, please contact Jimmy Strait.
    5. Since this is the 50-year anniversary of the 187th service in RVN, is there some way that we could recognize this at the reunion (i.e.: The Banquet)? (see Reunion notes below)
    6. Jimmy Strait needs to get the 2016 Reunion Host Letter to Jim Gaffney so it can be on the website.
  3. Ray Root Report: Our current IRS rules restrict us to $50,000.00 max funds in our account! We need to utilize some of those funds! Can we use more funds to help with reunions and scholarships (bring this up at annual business meeting)?
    1. Current Account:  Checking $38,056.62 (as of 5/18/2016)
    2. Flower Fund start 2015 $240.50 with $500.00 added 7/24/15. $500.00 added 12/9/15 $663.58 balance Mar 31,2016
    3. Company Store: $1454.24 cash, Inventory $7,614.81, Acct. Rec. $78.68.  Total $9147.73 Loan from Assoc. $3,700.00 2015
    4. 2015 Reunion Supplement Grant:  $5,000.00
    5. 2015 Reunion Seed Money:  $2,000.00 repaid 9/30/15
    6. 2016 Reunion Seed Money $2,000.00 paid
    7. 2016 Reunion Supplement Grant $7,000.00 paid
    8. 2017 Reunion Seed Money $2.000.00 paid
    9. BOD designated/approved reserve $6,006.32 includes interest.   Emergency Fund in Savings Acct
    10. Steiger Fund $17,751.11
    11. Unit Fund $20,430.92                             
    12. Company Store Year End 2015:  Sales $5,758.75 Cost of Goods $3,584.62 Expenses $1,518.45, Net $655.68.
    13. The Company Store received approval by the BOD to utilize credit cards for store merchandise purchases.
    14. The IRS has been paid & filed; also filed with the state of SC.
    15. Web Masters need $500-700 for new web.
    16. The BOD unanimously accepted Ray Root’s finance report.
  4. 2016 Reunion:
    1. The reunion schedule is up on the website.
    2. We’re ready for registrations.
    3. Everything is going good.
    4. The Veteran’s Day Parade is on 12 November, and we need volunteers to help with parade activities.
    5. Joe Emerson is lining up the beer provided by Budweiser.
    6. Chuck & Jill Damerow are really doing some great work on reunion planning and setup.
    7. Jim Gaffney and Harold Reed need to work on the Gaffney Award.
    8. Ray Root need a Point of Contact (POC) at the hotel for paying bills. Jimmy Strait will supply.
    9. Maybe Budweiser could do a big banner that acknowledges our unit’s 50th year anniversary of service in RVN.
      1. Ask Joe Emerson if Budweiser could do this and also create a new parade banner.
    10. Golf Gaggle of $10 at Ft. Sam’s Golf Course.
  5. 2017 Reunion:
    1. Will be held at the Orleans Hotel again.
    2. Room rates increased to $44/ weekday and $84/weekend day.
    3. Reunion will be held 8-13 Nov 2017.
    4. The Banquet will be held on Sunday to avoid conflict with USMC’s Banquet.
    5. There will be a tour of Nellis AFB.
    6. There will be a Veteran’s Day Parade.
  6. There were no other items brought up from the attendees.
  7. The meeting adjourned at 1708 hours.
  8. The next BOD teleconference TBD.