187th AHC 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Date:   November 10, 2018, St. Pete Beach, FL 1210 hours
President:      Jim Henry
Secretary:      Ron Scott
BOD:              George Schulz (Vice Pres), Ray Root (Treas.), Woody Woodbury (Director at Large)

  1. Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Invocation – Jesse McLeod
  3. Food Line
  4. Welcome and Introduction of the Board of Directors
  5. Introduction of First Time Attendees (See presentation slide)
  6. Different components of 187th AHC were recognized:
    1. The 541st
    2. Unit Supply
    3. Orderly Room
    4. Mess Hall
    5. Motor Pool
    6. Tech Supply
    7. Operations
    8. Maintenance
    9. Crew Chiefs
    10. Door Gunners
    11. Pilots
  7. Need more volunteers for the phone bank; get with George
  8. Thank Ian Dawson for continuing an awesome job with the Flower Fund!
  9. Thank Bob Calverley for maintaining our Unit Roster
  10. Thank Jim Gaffney & Frank Keyser for our Web Site
  11. Thank Keith & Cindy Stowell for the Company Store
  12. Thank Wives for handling the 50/50 & auction support
  13. Thank Our Superb and Hard Working Hosts, Ken & Ben Smet!
  14. The Online minutes of last year’s meeting were moved to be approved, seconded, & voted unanimously
  15. Treasurer’s Report – Ray Root
    1. 2017 financial report was explained by Ray Root
    2. Ray Root explained the fate of the Company Store (will close after this year) and possible future solutions
    3. 2018 Financial Status Year-to-Date was presented by Ray Root
    4. Jim Henry stated a report on hotel prices across the country
    5. Jim Acknowledged Frank Drinkwine for starting these reunions
    6. Please see the Treasurer’s report separate file for details and the presentation slide
    7. The Treasurer’s report was moved to be approved, seconded, & voted unanimously
  16. New Business
    1. See presentation slides for more detail
    2. Welfare check emails
    3. Vietnam pilots & crew members’ monument dedication
    4. Various Newsletters Feedback
    5. U.S. Army Museum Update and 50th Commemoration information was presented by Jim Henry
    6. 187th Brick in the Pathway of Remembrance
    7. 50th Anniversary Pins were presented and will be available to all from Jim Henry
    8. Reading of 187th Members who we lost this past year (See slide)
    9. Agent Orange Registry data collection – contact your local VA
    10. Veterans Suicide Prevention & Crisis Phone Line
    11. Company Store Transition Issues – Ray Root (see presentation slides for details)
    12. Craig Bond spoke of Al Duquette who will convert and preserve our photos, and offered copies of his combat DVD videos for $20 – continuously playing in hospitality suite
    13. See Presentation Slides for more details on all of these items
  17. 2019 Reunion: Jerry & Mary Ann Fine to host in Austin TX (see Jerry’s presentation slides for details)
    1. 9-12 Nov 2019 in the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown
    2. Still working on having a Parade; local civic leaders are leaning towards not having one
    3. Austin tourist sites to see were presented
  18. 2020 Reunion: Jimmy Strait offered to host again in San Antonio TX
  19. Website will be updated to reflect these proceedings; any updates that you see, contact the web master or any member of the BOD
  20. Nominations:
    1. VP: Bill Britt
    2. Secretary: Ron Scott
    3. There were no other nominations from floor
    4. The motion was made to elect by acclamation Bill Britt for the BOD VP and Ron Scott for Secretary, seconded, discussed, and unanimously approved by vote of the members
  21. Request for any additional old or new business
  22. Al Major stated that the Blackhawks are presented in the VHPA calendar in Feb 2019
  23. Al Major moved that the restriction of holding the reunions around Veterans Day be lifted so northern members could host in other warmer times of the year. It was so moved, 2nd and approved. Ron will have to send out this by-laws constitutional change to all of the general membership 30 days before the next business meeting
  24. Silent Auction location & time, cash bar, etc.
  25. Move to Adjourn – Meeting was adjourned at 1330 Hours


Slides used during this meeting (PDF Format)