Forrest Abild


Ron Scott

Type of Meeting

(in-person, conference call, both)

In-person Men’s’ Business Meeting at Reunion

Date (and Location)

12 November 2021, Las Vegas NV, 11:30am


BOD Attendees: (list board members - indicate present or absent)

·       Present: Forrest Abild (Pres-Absent), Ken Blackham (Vice Pres-Absent), Ron Scott (Secretary-Absent), Ray Root (Treas), Woody Woodbury (Director at Large)



Items Discussed & Motions Made: (bullet list, include whether the items were tabled or motions passed.)

·   Pledge of Allegiance


·   Invocation


·   Introduction of the Board of Directors (BoD)


·   Introduction of First Time Attendees:

o   Kevin Grosenheider, David Hosenfelt & Gary Kudlacek  (Manchus), Jimmy Quaiver


·   Brothers that we lost in 2021 (Bob Calverley)

o   Get List of names from Bob for the record


·   Woody Woodbury recognized various Groups within the Unit:


·   Last year’s minutes were moved, seconded & approved


·   Ray Root Treasurer’s report:

o   See Treasurer’s Report Sheets

o   After some discussion, the report was Moved; Seconded; & Approved


·   Company Store Items Ordering Information by Ray Root

o   Ray will bring a few items to the 2022 reunion for sale


·   2022 Reunion – Army Museum Virginia/DC (Bond)

o   There was discussion and “from floor” voting on which date the in-person attending members preferred

o   Craig Bond is to research with the hotels and the Army Museum as to the best dates for 2022 reunion and get back to the BOD before Christmas

o   The BOD will then convene to determine the dates for the 2022 Reunion

o   It was determined that Scooters will be required for the Army Museum trip

o   Explanation of the determination of the next reunion dates procedure (Ron Scott)


·   Nominations:

o   VP: Ray Pojanowski for 1 year (elected by acclamation)

o   Member-at-Large: Woody Woodbury for 2 years (elected by acclamation)

o   No other new nominations

o   Nominations closed

o   Discussion of BOD nomination & election procedure (Ron Scott)


·   Other Comments from the Floor:

o   Requests were made for the 2023 Reunion to be held in Dallas TX hosted by Pat Dougan With some Expert 3-4 helpers

o   The BOD will discuss and decide on this matter also

o   Thank John Wilson for hosting and Forrest for being our President

o   Motion to adjourn; Approved; All So Moved and let’s go get a beer


·   Adjourn (12:15pm)



Other Items of Significance: 

·   See attached 2021 PowerPoint Presentation


Next Meeting: (date, time, and location)

·   Next meeting at the 2022 Reunion Men’s Business Meeting in Arlington, VA.


Prepared by:

Ron Scott