187th AHC 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

Date:   November 11, 2016, San Antonio, Texas, 10:00 am
President:      Jerry Fine
Secretary:      Ron Scott
BOD:            Al Major (Vice Pres), Ray Root (Treas.), Jimmy Strait (Director at Large)

  1. Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Invocation – John Champ
  3. Announcements concerning the seating setup and distribution of new challenge coins were made
  4. Commendation for Harold Reed for his volunteer assistance for veterans
  5. Welcome and Introduction of the Board of Directors
  6. Introduction of First Time Attendees (Rik Bellerue, John Card (Did Not Attend), Dave Carothers, Tim Dziuk, Larry McBee, Ranney McDonough)
  7. Different components of 187th AHC were recognized:
    1. The 541st
    2. Unit Supply
    3. Orderly Room
    4. Mess Hall
    5. Motor Pool
    6. Tech Supply
    7. Operations
    8. Maintenance
    9. Crew Chiefs
    10. Door Gunners
    11. Pilots
  8. The minutes of last year’s meeting were moved to be approved, seconded, & voted unanimously
  9. Treasurer’s Report – Ray Root
    1. Someone wanted to know about the reunion funds and it was explained by Ray Root
    2. Someone wanted to know how the Steiger Fund got started and Jimmy Strait answered
    3. Treasurer’s report was reviewed, moved for approval, seconded, and voted unanimously for approval by the members
  10. New Business
    1. Honorary 187th Membership to Jim Connelly for his donation of $10,000 to the Steiger Fund was so moved, seconded, and unanimously approved by the members
    2. Status of Cookbook by Woody Woodbury was given (available for $16 to all)
    3. Update of annual photo scrapbook was given by Jimmy Strait
      1. Since Michael Wilson Jr. is doing the photography, he was voted as an honorary 187th member by the members in attendance
    4. Status of 187th Website transition – Frank Keyser is going to begin to work with Jim Gaffney to learn about taking over as webmaster in the future
    5. Army Museum Update and 50th Commemoration Proposal – Jim Henry
      1. Jim’s proposal was so moved, seconded, and approved by the members
    6. Reading of 187th Members who we lost this past year (Steve Votaw, Gary Keefer, Mike Hodges, Harold Tanner, Jimmy Sauders, William Seale, Larry L. Butler, Robert Chastine, Don Horton)
    7. Nominations:
      1. VP: Jim Henry
      2. Secretary: Ron Scott
      3. There were no other nominations from floor
    8. The motion was made to elect by acclamation both offices for the BOD, seconded, and unanimously approved by vote of the members
    9. Craig Bond spoke of the person that will convert and preserve our photos, and offered copies of his combat DVD videos for $20
    10. It was requested that the original 187th members that came over from Ft. Bragg to Tay Ninh get a group photo taken
  11. 2017 Reunion update for Las Vegas was presented by John Wilson
    1. Southwest Airlines is offering 10% ticket discounts for veterans – Jimmy Strait will contact SWA about getting those discounts those flying to next year’s reunion
  12. 2018 Reunion – Looking for host/volunteer
  13. An announcement was made that buses were available for the rides to the Alamo & back and to the Parade & Back
  14. Request for any additional old or new business
  15. Move to Adjourn – Meeting was adjourned at 1121 Hours