The Steiger Memorial Fund

     The James D. Steiger Memorial Assistance Fund is an initiative to help those members of the 187th AHC Association who would like to attend, but need financial assistance, an annual reunion.  It was so named for Ratpack veteran Jim Steiger because he worked tirelessly to find and support members, financially or otherwise, in attend reunions.  The fund pays for the hotel room and registration/activity fees for the member and his spouse but not transportation.  Occasionally the fund receives donations of round trip airline tickets but they are very limited.  The fund is a protected line in the Association budget and donations to THAT FUND can only be spent to support those in need of financial assistance in attending a 187th AHC reunion.  The program is confidential; only those within the Association with a need to know in order to administer the program have knowledge of those who accept assistance.

Contributions may be made via the Association Treasurer. Requests for assistance may be made via email using the link below.

If you need assistance in
attending a reunion, let us know.
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