541st Medical Detachment (OA)



Call Sign or Position Tour Served

Dr. David Campbell

Wizard 6 - Flight Surgeon

68 - 68

Dr. James S. Soileau Wizard 6 - Flight Surgeon 68 - 69
Dr. Thomas A. Artabane Wizard 6 - Flight Surgeon 69 - 70
Dr. James A Passmore Wizard 6 - Flight Surgeon 70 - 71
Dr. Douglas Hagen Wizard 6 - Flight Surgeon 71 - 72
Edward A. Artis Wizard 5 - NCOIC 70 -71 -72
Randell Callison NCOIC / SGT  
Timothy Dziuk    
Bill Falk    
Mike Feeney    
Jack Hartman Temp NCOIC at DiAn  
Norman E. Hatch Clinical Specialist / NCOIC / SP6 68 - 69
John Hitchins   72
Louis B. Holly Clinical Specialist / SP6 69 - 70
Mike Ladeau   69 -70 ?
Joe Marzluf    
John Metcalf    
Peter Novy Medical Specialist , SP5 68 -70
Bob Rogers    
Edward Vredenburg NCOIC / Medical Specialist / SP4 69 - 70
SSG Taylor Wizard 5 - NCOIC 69
Daniel Webster Medical Specialist / SP4 68 -69
Bob Young    


Welcome to DiAn (after hasty retreat from Tay Ninh in late 71) from the highly skilled staff at the 541st. Medical Detachment................... We serve the best, ................. Especially the Blackhawks, Crusaders and Rats.
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(Photo by Ed Artis)

Is this why Tay Ninh was called Rocket City? This WAS the 541st Medical Center.
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(1969 photo by Joe Scarda)

Edward A. Artis
541st NCOIC


1970-71 copy.jpg (28285 bytes)
Left, Sp4 Bob Rogers, now a Dr working
and living in California and Right,
Sgt Ed Artis at a staging area prior
to one of the incursions into Cambodia
in either 1970 or 71.


  Here is an old picture that I found a couple of years ago showing some of the men from the 541st Med Det (oa) as we took a break during one of our MEDCAPS (Medical Civic Action Projects ) that we did from time to time in Cambodia.  I believe that this picture was taken sometime in early to mid 1971.  That's me, Ed Artis standing in the middle, Dr, then Specialist 4 Bob Rogers ( left ) and Dr (Capt) Doug Hagen (right) our flight surgeon at the time.

We would fly from Tay Ninh West, a US military base camp in Vietnam usually late in the afternoon to a Special Forces Camp near Snul right on the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, spend the night there and in the morning we would either walk or be driven across the border into Cambodia where this clinic was set up near a refugee camp.

We would spend the day working there, doing whatever was needed to treat the various wounds and diseases that we saw and then at the end of a very rewarding day we would return to the SF Camp have a couple cool ones and wait for a helicopter from the 187th AHC " CRUSADERS ",  the unit that we were assigned to, to return and take us back to Tay Ninh. 

Working at the Tay Ninh Provincial Hospital and on projects such as this, first with Capt Thomas Artabane and SP6 Holley and later Capt James Passmore and then his replacement Capt Doug Hagen, all from the 541st Med Det (oa) is where I began my career as an international humanitarian and for that experience in Vietnam I will forever be grateful.

Ed Artis

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