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Message sent in response to Tommy Martin's story - " 7/AUG/67 - Tiger Rescue"

A year ago I received a call from a aide to 199th LIB, G-2 regarding this LZ.  He informed me that the day before him, his captain, and a Kit Carson were in a jeep and had passed through Ni Binh village which was known to be Catholic and friendly to the US forces.

After passing through the ville the road swept north and split.  The Scout spotted freshly dug spider holes and they hastily decided to de de out of there.   They took another road on the way back where they noticed a kid on a bike selling ice cream to a couple of young men who had turned their backs, on the jeeps approach.   As they passed the Kit Carson scout whispered VC!   So the estimation of a squad of VC in the area could have came from this source.  

I had a conversation with the Commanding General of the 199th as well regarding the evolution of this event, who himself, along with his aide was wounded later in the course of the battle.   He stated to me that brigade electronic intel had picked up a lot of enemy radio traffic in the area (battalion size) and his decision was to go in and investigate. 

I remember it was suppose to be a walk in the park, with no suppression in the LZ.  I believe out of the initial eight ship insertion only one slick was air worthy, AC Bill Britt's.  One of the .51 cal. MG's was captured by E company 4/12 during the battle and was displayed at brigade HQ of the 199th.  As for the commander of ECHO Company 4/12th, Captain Don Mabry,  he is listed by the Pentagon as being KIA 8/7/68, Exactly one year later.  Cause of death drowning!......more of interest later.

Bob "Frenchy" Gibeault

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