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If you haven't "Been There" and "Done That," you need to read these stories.  Each author presentd on this page was an Aviation Crew Member who served in Vietnam. These men lived through what most can't even imagine.  I have also started to add some stories by Grunts.  These are exceptional stories.  I want everyone to understand war from the ground and the air.

These stories are posted exactly as written by the author.
Some stories may contain words you consider offensive.

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The Year was 1967-1968 - Vietnam
Posted 01/26/2018
Calvin Sloan

Terminology of
a Slope Landing
Posted 07/01/2000

Warren "Willie Pudd" Willis 

Rifle With the Wreath
Posted 06/09/2000
John Broome
Manchu's Thanksgiving 1968
Posted 03/20/2000
Shannon Tilton
(Son of a Manchu)
Graves Registration
Posted 03/20/2000
Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
Rock and Doc
Posted 03/20/2000
Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
Thu Douc 
Posted 10/19/99
Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
Posted 10/19/99
Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
My Trip to the "Wall"
Poster 6/5/99
Phil Jaster
Trouble Shooter "15"
Medevac with Jimmy Ballard Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
TINS - B57 Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
"Asshole"  Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
"Hey Tonto"   Vincent A.Tortolano
Rat Pack "12"
"Magnet Ass"
"The Snake"   Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
"Blade Strike"      Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
"Flips"     Bob "Frenchie" Gibeault
Agent Orange Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
Rockets over Tay Ninh Mark Padilla with Joe Skarda 

Alone and Expendable

Dan Crummett 
Bad Bill Bauman Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
Long Range Recon Patrol Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
Peaches and Pound Cake Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
No Tail - No Fly Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
The Parrots Beak Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
Michelin Rubber Plantation Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
Jack Ruby Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
Thanksgiving 1967 Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
"There it is..." Dan Crummett
OH-23G Autorotation James "Sneaky" White
The Great Dismal Swamp James "Sneaky" White
Good Bye Billy Michael Dingwell
Valley Forge LPH-8 Ed Perry
Time Stood Still - A reflection Jeff Miller
HHC 307th CAB & 235th AWC
Little Bird - Big Boat (PG17) F. Ray Knight, Jr.
Quick Draw Robert (Rob) Glasier
(Maddog "19"
Left Behind Robert (Rob) Glasier
(Maddog 19)
Wings, Feet and Eyeballs Pat Dougan
Crusader "16" -  Rat Pack "5"
Fools and Drunks Rick Waite
(Warwagon "19")
My Vietnam Helmet John T. Wilson
(Crusader "12")

So, there you have it. Tom Tesmar
( Crusader "23")
John Wayne had time to duck Ron Timberlake
(Crusader "18")
Ker - Splash Mike Stratton
(Crusader "25")
The Pale Major Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
My Tour Frank Drinkwine
187th Door Gunner
The Battle for FSB Burt Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
Fishing the Mekong   Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")
Vertigo  Wayne "Crash" Coe
(Blackhawk "54")

November 27, 1968 -
My Day of Infamy©

Joseph P. "Pat Dougan
(Crusader 16)

Thanksgiving 1968

John Broome
(Ratpack Crewchief)

Black Wednesday

Jim Gaffney
(Crusaader "6")

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