"Time Stood Still"
Reflections of a moment
Jeff Miller




Thought I'd share some thoughts I've had today. I was driving through town a while ago and looked over to our little town's VN Memorial. It was dedicated in 1988. It began with a parade right through downtown (which was pretty neat all by itself) and ended at a local park where the memorial was placed. After a few speeches and and a traditional fly by of some AF jets out of Malmstrom AFB, I believe, the part that really hit me happened. You know how time slows down to about nothing when the adrenaline is really pumping? Well, during the last few minutes (hours?) a single Huey came over and hovered right above our gathering at about 75' . Don't know where he came from or who it was, but all we could see was a single arm coming out the left side of the aircraft dropping red roses to those down below. I swear, those rotors stopped! They sure took on a eerie sensation. I don't know how many others were affected the way I was--I suspect more than a few, but in those brief moments when time stood still--all was well....

Thanks to all of you

Clear Right Sir

Jeff Miller HHC 307th CAB & 235th AWC /_\ Can Tho 68-69

ŠJeff Miller 1997


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