Thoughts about Vietnam are not things we seem to control.  Even after 40 years, anything is likely to put your mind back into that war torn country.  Back to when we were 18 to 25 years old.  Back to when a lot of 18 year old kids became old men almost over night.  These are some of the thoughts members of the 187th have sent out to the 187th network group.  Some things you must write down and share with your brothers.  Each of us knows and understands what the other is saying and feeling.  We were there.  We grew up very quickly together.  We were as close as any family could be.

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Thoughts about our Flag
Gathered from our email.
Several Authors and many great thoughts

Un-Named 1

Frank Drinkwine - C/E
You are a Crew Chief John J. Jewett  
   Maggot "10"
Un-Named 2 Benj. Simpson - C/E
Cobra Pilots and Gunners Frank Drinkwine - C/E
Letters Home - 13 May 67 Wayne R. "Crash" Coe Blackhawk "54"
My Perspective at 18 Frank Drinkwine - C/E
30 Years Later Frank Drinkwine - C/E
Thoughts,  Part II John J. Jewett  
   Maggot "10"
FFIC -1 Frank Drinkwine - C/E
FFIC -2 Mike Melia
Rat Pack "39"
Welcome To Tay Ninh  Marco Picanza
Tech Support
Air Conditioning,  
Chocolate Pudding and Warriors
Mike Hodges  
Rat Pack "38"

VA Hospitals

Peter Davis
Crusader "22"

Holiday Thoughts

Friends - Thanksgiving

John Broome
Friends - A reply Mike Powell

Veterans Day 1998

Mike Hodges
Rat Pack "38"
My Christmas in Nam - 1968 Skip Davis
Rat Pack "36"
1999 Veterans Day Speech "Wild Bill" Hadfield

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