Aircraft Names
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Early Art Work.    There's power in these birds....

Mighty hard to believe that these are the only named ships
 people took pictures of........

Tail Number Type Aircraft Name
Crew and History when available
64-13626  UH-1H "UNDER TAKER II"

with Mike Elliot
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66-00829 UH-1D "Super Huey"

AC WO. Tommy Martin - Blackhawk "67"

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66-00667 UH-1C

"Super Smoker 67"
AKA "Smokey"
Photo(s) courtesy Robert Burke

66-00854 UH-1D "OLE MAGNETT-ASS"

AC WO Eric Mercer - Blackhawk "58"
Crewchief - Forest "Frosty" Abild
Gunner - Brahaney

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66-00928 UH-1D "                                    "
John Quesenberry with
Blackhawk Ship
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66-00928 UH-1D "Hilltopper"

: Gunner Sp4 Mike Mullen with the "Hilltopper" flown by AC Steve Eckle and crewed by Bob Jurries, 1967.

hilltopper2.jpg (30233 bytes)
66-00929   Al Duneman (left) and Tom Tesmar
(I can't make out the number)
Tesmire__small.JPG (3242 bytes)
66-16415 UH-1H "Trojan Hoss"
Submitted by Mike Stratton
Crusader "25"Maggot "16"
trojan_hoss.jpg (13081 bytes)
66-16488 UH-1D "O'l Prophet"
Named By AC Jerry T. Wagner - Blackhawk "60"
67-17558 UH-1H "S.A.D.  Mrs"
pictured with Aircraft Commander Pat Dougan.
S.A.D. Is Pat's wife's initials. 
 Each letter separated by a tear

Crewchief: Herman "Scotty" Scott

Sad Mrs
67-17625 UH-1H "Phuquet"
SP4 Daniel Scanlon Brooker (KIA)
625_Brooker.jpg (15187 bytes)
67-17767 UH-1H "Miss MarLeen"
with Maj. Jim Gaffney - Crusader 6
Crew Chief - SP/5 Dave 'Doc' Brown
Miss MarLeen was named for my wife MARgaret and daughter KathLEEN.  She was a new ship when received and was selected as the C&C through the existing practice of cycling new ships to the C&C which got more blade time and needed higher availability. She was later cycled into the lift fleet. 
gaffney_then.jpg (20712 bytes)
67-17767 UH-1H

I got bored with the usual nose art and took things a step further on my ship 67-17767. This is "HELL HOLE COVER ART" and the super lifer has not been born yet who will crawl under a Huey to inspect the hell hole cover for correctness.  The first platoon leader strikes again.  Tom Stino - C. E.  - #767

hellhole_1.jpg (8587 bytes)
66-17085 UH-1D Kirk Nivens wearing his "Lucky" flack vest with the hole in the left shoulder where a bullet went through on Jan 5, 1968 near Kontum.  Kirk and his crew like to "Rouse the Rebels."
67-17757 UH-1H

"Wingless Warrior"

67-17778 UH-1H

"Pistol Pete"

68-15279 UH-1H "Lady Linda"
"Dee's Delight"

Submitted by Frank Drinkwine

68-15411 UH-1H "Dee's Delight"
Skids and PSP have fight. PSP wins.
(Photo by Mike Hodges, Rat 38)
dees delight L .JPG (20507 bytes)
68 -15577 UH-1H Fall of '71. N. of Tay Ninh at an unknown FSB. 
Doc Passmore on the left. J Johnson on the right.
68_15577.jpg (31657 bytes)
68 -16305 UH-1H "Bad News"
Pilot, Richard Daniels, Crusader "27" left and Crew Chief, Edward "Sandy" Guynn pose proudly in front of their bird.
daniels_guynn1.jpg (21077 bytes)
68-16338 UH-1H "Lancelot"
Photo contributed by 
James D. Steiger Jr.
338_lancelot.jpg (113420 bytes)
69-15426 UH-1H

(next generation)
Maintenance Aircraft
Pilot seat-CPT Gresham
Right Front-Tom Kammers

69-15370 UH-1H "Screaming Yellow Zonker"
Left to right- Door Gunner-Ross,
Copilot Josh Bennett,
  A/C John Hunton (Crusader-23),
Photo taken May or June of 1971
by Benj. Simpson,  CE of 370
Nose370 copy.JPG (36007 bytes)
69-15674 UH-1H "Grim Reaper"

Douglas W. Hoselton      
1st Flight Platoon - Maggots
hoselton_1.JPG (24849 bytes)
69-15905 UH-1H "                        "
LT Col. Wittekind's Ship
After Sappers hit it.
Cr_15 copy.JPG (25604 bytes)
? UH-1C "                        "
Major Burns with Rat Pack "C" Model
Burnsrpk copy.JPG (41350 bytes)
Vincent A. "Magnet Ass"Tortolano
Rat Pack "12"
tortolino4 copy.bmp (318320 bytes)


UH-1H "Ship of Fools"
Patrick Strople(CE, leaning on nose) Bozarth(Gunner),Johnny Johnson and second platoon guys
ship_of_fools.jpg (24853 bytes)
67-17371 UH-1H "Iron Butterfly"

Submitted by Donald Wayne Smalley

66-16406 UH-1H "Alabama"
Submitted by Doug Windsand
69-15674 UH-1H "Grim Reaper"
Submitted by Doug Windsand

67-17406 UH-1H

"Southern Comfort"
Submitted by Doug Windsand

66-16415 UH-1H

"Patty Wagon"
Submitted by Doug Windsand

69-15426 UH-1H "Rotor Toter"
Submitted by Doug Windsand
68-16193 UH-1H "Rubber Duck"
Submitted by Doug Windsand
UH-1H "Coors - That's Cool"
Mike Campbell, Crew Chief
68-16281 UH-1H

Submitted by Doug Windsand

Painter M-1 And the guy who
painted all the names...

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