The Original and true
Blackhawks of Vietnam

The United States Military did not lose the war in Vietnam. 
We were not allowed to win but we did not lose. 

The American fighting force left Vietnam in 1972.  We did not leave because we were loosing in Vietnam by any stretch of the imagination.  If we lost anything it was the support of the United States Government that sent us over there and the United States civilians who sat securely at home in a "Free Country" cursing the American fighting force.  Cursing the very people that would be the first to die to protect their freedom and their right to act like morons.  To all of you who hid in colleges and ran to Canada, you will never understand what it means to be a winner in the defense of our country, our freedoms, our way of life.  You will never know what true honor and courage is or understand why we offered our lives for what we believe in.

We were not even in Vietnam in 1975 when the soldiers of the Army of South Vietnam threw down their weapons, stripped off their uniforms and ran from their duty.

Where were you in 1965 - 1972?  I know where the true hero's of our country were. 

It is not the President or Congress or the fat cat politicians that insure our freedom.  It is the American Fighting man and woman that won your freedom to start with and keeps you free today.

Mike Hodges  Rat Pack "38"
Site creator.

This site is dedicated to all the men of the Blackhawks, Crusaders,
Rat Pack and all of the supporting units of the
Assault Helicopter Company.

This site can never be complete until we have the names of every single member of the 187th AHC.  We know there are many more men not listed on our roster and we desperately want to locate them.

If you were with the 187th AHC, please let us know-

From all of us at the 187th AHC to all Veterans 
that happen across this page.

"Welcome Home"
The words heard by so very few of us as we returned from Vietnam to our families, our homes and to the country we loved.  The place each and every one of us referred to as ...

" The Real World."
RP "38"

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