Honorary Members
Of the 187th AHC


The names listed below are among the 
Most Honored Members
 of the 187th Assault Helicopter Company Organization.

These are the Mothers, Fathers, Wives, Brothers, Daughters, Sons, Aunts and Uncles who lost a loved one to the War in Vietnam.  The men who lost their lives while they proudly and honorably served our Nation and the 187th Assault Helicopter Company in Vietnam.

* Indicates deceased members

Family of
Charles D. Blair
May 14, 1970

Pauline H. Blair - Mother

James Blair - Father *

C. Bruce Blair - Brother

H. LaRue Tripp - Brother

E. Huston Tripp - Brother

Mary Box - Cousin

Family of
Luis Hector Campos
September 27, 1971

Lilia Campos - Mother

Hector Campos - Father

Juanita Campos Villarreal - Sister

Maria Campos Gonzales - Sister

Guillermina Campos Ritz - Sister

Sergio Campos - Brother

Ricardo Campos - Brother

Roberto Campos - Brother


Family of
Jerome Dee Chandler
November 27, 1968

Joel Chandler - Son

Family of
Joseph Leonard Colotti
April 14, 1967

Leonard A. Colotti - Father

Barbara M. Celadon-Denig - Aunt

H. Harold Celadon - Uncle

Frank A. Colotti, Jr. - Uncle

Frank A. Colotti - Grandfather

Louise M. Colotti - Grandmother

Teresa M. Celadon-Miller - 1st Cousin

Victor H. Celadon - 1st Cousin

Family of
Howard Brisbane Comer Jr.
KIA:  November 24, 1969

Amy Comer - Niece

Christy Comer - Niece

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Family of
Allen Eugune Duneman

November 27, 1968

Theresa Duneman Losure - Wife

Family of
Stephen John Eckle.
KIA:  April 12, 1968

William H. (Bill) Eckle - Father

Helene F. Pratt - Mother

Barbara Holbrook - Sister

William F. (Bill) Eckle - Brother

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Family of
Donald Robert Kilpatrick
KIA:  September 2, 1969

Bonnie Kilpatrick Lucido -Wife

Michael S. Kilpatrick  - Son

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Family of
Gerald David Markland
KIA:  December 28, 1968

Carol Crews - Fiancee

Family of
Billie Taylor Presson
KIA:  September 20, 1967

William C. Presson - Son, Lexington, KY  mailto:presson@wakm.com

Michael A. Presson - Son, Plainsboro, NJ mlpresson@msn.com


Family of
Stephen Chester Ponty
KIA:  Decemmber 28, 1968

Marilyn Ponty - Sister

Michael Benard Ponty - Brother

Family of
Ricardo Ibrahin Romero
KIA:  April 13, 1969

Domingo F. Romero - Father *

 Carlota C. Cruz Romero - Mother

Nelson R. Romero - Brother

Sergio Romero - Brother

Franklin Romero - Brother

Rene B. Cruz  - Uncle

Rosa Cruz - Aunt

Joseph Cruz - Uncle

Louisa Cruz - Aunt

Family of
James Garland Siddons
KIA:  February 12, 1971

Edna Siddons - Mother

Mark Siddons - Brother 

 John Siddons - Brother

Joy - Wife of Mark

  Jessica - Daughter of Mark and Joy

Family of
Kent Childs Taylor
KIA:  May 14, 1970

Marie Taylor Robinson - Wife

Evelyn Taylor Mitani - Sister 

Marlene Taylor White - Sister 

M. Lee Taylor - Brother

Lane McKinney - Brother in law 


Family of
Harold Allen Tharp, Jr.
KIA:  April 12, 1968

Lt. Col. Harold A. Tharp (ret) - Father, AlamogordoNM 

Family of
Hewey C. Whatley
DIED:  January 23, 2004

 Robert Whatley - Son  rwwhatley@aol.com

Rebecca Lynch - Daughter

Callie Brecker - Daughter

Laura Marks - Daughter



 It has always been the soldier,
 Not the President,
 Who takes care of us.
 It is the sailor,
 Not the reporter,
 Who has given us freedom of the press.
 It is the marine,
 Not the poet,
 Who has given us freedom of speech.
 It is the airman,
 Not the campus organizer,
 Who gave us the freedom to demonstrate.
 It is the person in uniform,
 ---who salutes the flag
 ---who serves beneath the flag
 ---and whose coffin is draped by the flag
 That allows the protestor to burn the flag.
 Author Unknown.

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