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Tommy Martins Military Page
Beautiful work by a fellow 187th AHC Vet.
RVNAir Tommy Martins
War Combat Aviation Weblog

Art Clines 187th Home Page   
Former 187th AHC "Rat Pack" gun driver doing a great page.
A ton of links to some great and informative places.   A must for every Vet.

VIETNAM 1968-69..... 
Great page, memories and music by Judy Wolfe,
 a "Tay Ninh Donut Dolly"
Women in Vietnam
Don't miss these words from the Ladies that were also served.
Reflections in Marble
US Special Services
Serving the Armed Forces of the United States
"Jamaican In Vietnam"
Company Alpha 4th Platoon, Echo, MedCap Team & HHC 4/12

Home Page by:    Baldwin "Doc Sam" Samuels     
     International Hall of Honor Web Ring
Webmaster:    Al Varelas - USMC
Vet to Vet
  Tons of important links for the Vet and his Family
"Becky's World"
Some great reading here Guys and Girls
A beautiful Site by a charming lady.
“Quigley’s Down Under"
Welcome Back Steve...
Sit down in your best chair with your favorite beverage.  Lot's of great stuff here.
Doc Melson's Place
Bub's Huey Home Page
Vietnam Veterans Down Under
Terrific Page, Don't miss this one.
Jim Henthorns Home Page - Vietnam Maps
One Ton of work by one of our own
Don Poss - Vietnam Veterans "War Stories."
Drews World of Choppers
Dales Vietnam Gallery
The ARVNs Are Useless
Windsor Police Veterans Tribute
Looking Back - Vietnam 1969-1971
Morris Miller Home Page - 3/17th and 240th AHC
Tim Duffie's CAPVET Home Page
Lots of info here.
Mike1.jpg (7017 bytes)

The Michael A. Baronowski Memorial Web Site
KIA 29Nov66
Republic Of South Vietnam

The Chief's Place
A ton of Vet Links here - Check it out...
"A Year on the Jumpin' Jack"
Beautiful site by Randy Kethcart
Co. B. 1/5th (mech) 2nd Plt. 25th Infantry Division
Doc Brennan's Home Page
"Behind The Wall" is a MUST READ.
"The Lies of Vietnam"
Trang_Bang,  Sarin Nerve Gas
US Army Attack Helicopters
"A crew chiefs view."
"Some Gave All"
A beautiful Site for all by Judy 
"Return to Viet Nam"
March, 1999
Heyward and John Macdonald
"USMC Combat Wife"
A beautiful and terrific page by the wife of a 
Marine Grunt.  This is a must see site.


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