Two Poems By Joe Skarda

Posted July 2002


  Nam Vets

The mystery is not the way we die,

It's the way we live.

The courage we have at birth, as  Americans,

That took us to Nam, as  Soldiers of Honor,

Year after year we become more alone.

For these hours, these moments,

And sometimes we can!



  A Hero Sent Sadly Home

Do not misjudge your brother.

What happened was he changed  after he served in Nam.

He found out he was just like everybody else over there,

No better... No worse...

But there was no one like him over here when he got back!

He had a job to do and he did  it well,

Not everyone makes it through something like that.

Just be glad you did and always remember the ones who didn't.

GLORY is a lie that only those who have

not been where we have can believe.

They have taken much from us,

But we must not let them take our HONOR! 

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