Duty Calls

By: Kimberly M.  Lovetere 06-June-2000

Daughter of:  Tom F.  Lovetere -  1967- 1968

The silent few who offered lives, so the weaker race could survive.
The men whose goals where nothing more,
Than to see a strangers life restored
The men who volunteered to go.
To save some people they don't know.
They left their homes for a foreign place,
So they could save a human race.
Leaving loved ones hearts a churn.
Praying that their boys return.
These silent few brave and proud,
Went in fighting strong and loud.
Though some young men did take a fall,
The others made it through it all.
And they did their jobs and saw it through,
They would honor the red white and blue,
They gave all that they could give,
So free and proud we all could live.
You ask me now who are these men,
They are America's truest friends.
The rightful owners sea to sea,
Cause they're the ones who keep it free.
These silent men still strong and proud,
Their voices echo oh so loud,
Our right to vote, our right to voice,
Our right to make any choice,
Our right to be what we want to be,
Our right to see what we want to see,
So every time you use these rights,
Just say a silent prayer each night,
And thank the ones who saw this through,
And thank our vets for defending you.
                    Kimberly M.  Lovetere 06-June-2000

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