Flight over Ap Cho

For those of us both friend and foe

Who broke our teeth on the stone, Ap Cho

We stormed that ground, with determination bound!

With murderous rage we took the stage!

On that bloody stone,

Ap Cho


Who dares describe that crimson tide?

Words fill me with a sickening pallor

Heroic they say? Ain’t no damn way!

A survivor I am, of the bloody stone,

Ap Cho


Twas Giants who fought, and Giants who died

Curse him who dares replace them!

When Heaven bursts wide and out flows the tide

Both friend and foe standing side by side

In unison they’ll hail!

Make way! Here comes a Brother who broke his teeth

On that bloody stone,

Ap Cho

Bob ’Frenchy’ Gibeault

March 22, 2003

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