Ye Holy Land

The"187th" Assault Helicopter Company

There is a story, of a group of men

Who served together, through thick and thin

They left from home, to fly in Nam

To hold back communism, for "Old Uncle Sam"

Entering this country, ready for flight

They built a fortress, to protect at night

Rocket City, they called this place

With bunkers and pot holes, all over the place

Tay Ninh was near, with VC in town

The "Black Virgin Mountain", had NVA around

Not far were them tunnels, full of rats they were

While "Hoe Chi Minh" trail, was not so ferrr…

Their mission was clear, "fight to the death"

They lost many men, to their last fighting breath

Blackhawk’s they were, they answered the call

Crusader’s they are, God’s hand touched them all

They say dark-shadows, give fear to us all

It took men like these, for dark-shadows to fall

From Slicks to Cobra’s, their ships made it through

To pick up troop’s, under fire they flew

Thirty years have past, without a word

They lost contact with each other, looking for the herd

Their mind’s are delicate, and so tender

From what they experienced, they still remember

From the heavens above, a sword was drawn

To pass on their heritage, at the break of dawn

Old men watch, as the young take their place

Time stands still, God gives his grace

If honor and glory, is in your heart

Then liberty and justice, is the place to start

We are the Crusaders, all for one and one for all

God forgive thine enemy, for they shall fall

Chicken Man
Feburary 2, 2004

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