I Salute you Sir!!!

In Dedication To Maj. Ron Timberlake
187th AHC

1948 - 1999

A Courageous Soldier Whom I never knew,
Who stood the tallest when He flew,
A true Combat Warrior who showed No Fear,
I salute You Sir with many a Tear.

It's been thirty years since we first fought,
Those years have passed with many a Thought,
We remember the Good and always the Bad,
But it's Times like this when We are Sad.

For We have lost a brother and that is true,
And his name was Ron and that is You,
Your Wisdom and Honor were always there,
For your Brothers in Arms to always share.

Now We bow our heads and pray tonight,
For this is just one battle in a long, long fight,
You move on in time to a Higher Plane,
And leave a Legacy behind-not to Die in Vain.

Fly High My Friend and Never Forget

Rick Bailey
Bulldog 10
May 6th(Guam)1999

Webmasters Note: This poem was written on the occasion of Ron's death.  Ron was sitting on his motorcycle at a stop sign when an elderly lady ran over Ron from behind.  Obviously she did not see Ron or the stop sign.  Ron died in the prime of his life leaving a family behind.  Two tours in Nam flying slicks with the 187th AHC and Snakes with the Cav. didn't get brother Ron.  This old lady took the life of a true hero who never stopped his search for the truth.......


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