The Wall

Chicken Man SSG Joey Broussard, Unscheduled Maintenance 187TH 
 AHC -  69/70


                    I traveled afar, so many miles away

                               To a place I sought to be, to this very day

                               My emotions ran wild, not giving an inch

                              As I thought of my reunion, with brothers in the trench

                               Yes! it was long ago, thinking of my past

                                How time flew by, I would never last

                               My body has aged, as my mind remembers

                              Experiences that stayed young, like water under Timber

                                 It was not long, as I walked over hills

                             My anxieties ran wild, as I captured the chills

                               Every turn I made, seemed long and hard

                            God I could not wait longer, holding up my guard


                               I stopped for a minute to think what I’d do

                          Then I moved on, through grass and the morning dew

                              As I turn the corner, under an old shade tree

                           A light shined bright, against a thing I could not see

                                As I walk closer, it was difficult to tell

                           The reflection moved over, I couldn’t see for a spell

                                 A light mist, was standing in my way

                          As I walked closer, there were no more words to say

                             I stopped in my tracks, as I looked at this thing

                             So beautiful, so shiny, I could hear angels sing

                                Damn I felt happy, that I made it hear

                              My life felt complete, I couldn’t stop a tear

                             Dug in so deep, reaching out in two directions

                            Toward the Capital it pointed without exception

                        Lincoln looked grand, as the other end turned toward him

                          God gave these men grace, As I heard the Holy Hymn

                              I cried and I cried, there was no end in sight

                           As Americans looked on, It was the end of the fight

                             I felt good about this union, for myself and all

                           I’ve finally arrived to visit the men on the Wall . . .                                             

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