The Vietnam Pilot

Chicken Man SSG Joey Broussard, Unscheduled Maintenance 187TH 
 AHC -  69/70


                                Lift my soul, I flew through time

                                          Feeling helpless, I drank my wine

                                          I watched for danger in this land

                                          Men called help, I gave my hand

                                          Death called so many times

                                          Keep my thoughts, drank my wine

                                          I kept in line, I turned about

                                         All hell broke lose, I turned and shout

                                         What can I give, I ask my Lord

                                         Still trembling, my heart still scared

                                         I see red rivers, near you know

                                         Men need help, we must go

                                         Locked and loaded, our guns are ready

                                        My mind thinking back, My hand so steady

                                        Sighting these targets, we tried our best

                                        Training and Valor, stood the test

                                         I felt the wave, bombs burst in air

                                        Machine gun fire, what’s over there?

                                        Crews yell “Clear!”, left and right

                                        Lifting our troubles, out of sight

                                        The memories I keep are special to me

                                        Like climbing the limbs of an old oak tree

                                        No matter how the wind may blow

                                        This tree stays with me wherever I go                                               

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