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Mom and Art Cline

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Why are these men smiling?

  a) Survived the LZ on 8/7/67 together.
  b) Been "Over-Served" by hotel wait staff.
  c) Reunited after 30 years.

  From left - Bob Gibeault,  Bill Britt,  Bob McMorine.

Photo sent in by Bob Gibeault
answer: All of the above.

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187th AHC Together Again

Photo provided by John and Heidi Quesenberry
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1967 - 1968 Blackhawks

(L-R) John Quesenberry,  Doug Treadwell,
Art (killer) Cline,  Heidi Quesenberry,
Joe and Sue (mom) Burns

Photo provided by John and Heidi Quesenberry

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(L-R) Bob McMorine,  Doug Treadwell
John Quesenberry,  Pop Wilson,
Rock Lungarella,  Art (killer) Cline

Photo provided by John and Heidi Quesenberry
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Brandon Fourth of July Parade

While recovering from the Orlando "Back to the World" reunion, I came across this story in the Brandon News:

"It was a glorious Fourth of July parade this year and Mother Nature kept the rain clouds back until much later in the day.  More than 125 units passed the reviewing stand... This year's TOP KUDOS go to the following: President's Award Adult with best in theme, workmanship and music went to the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association;...

Best Veteran Marching Unit went to the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association."   For those that missed it, the parade was wonderful and our participation was outstanding.  Brandon LOVED us! We were the hit of the parade.  The North Carolina Chapter brought down their Cobra (with 1st CAV markings, I might add!!), Charlie Model Gunship, and Medevac Slick, and the Florida LZ Chapter had our OH6 LOH.  And to top things off, there were about 300+ of us helicopter pilots that marched in front of, in between, along side of and behind the helicopters!!  It was a sight to behold!!  On behalf of the Florida LZ Chapter Organizing Committee, I would like to thank each and every one of you who participated. We can all be proud, because as usual, we stood mighty Tall!!   THANK YOU ALL!!

Herb Nagel
70-5 Orange Hats
B/227 1 CAV 70-71 - Masher49
Florida LZ Chapter Sectry - Tampa,FL


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