California Mini
April - 2000



Welcome to La Casa Sloan

4 Blackhawks and 1 Crusader 
invade California Beaches...

Female population runs for cover...

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John Quesenberry Frenchy and Governor Sloan
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 Frenchy and Governor Sloan John Quesenberry and 
Governor Sloan
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All right Sloan,  
Why not check out the beach nymphs or is that Richard?

 Calvin Sloan
 Bob "Frenchy" Gibeault
  John Quesenberry 
Richard Daniel
Bob Anders


Well all, this was truly the first Memorial Day I have ever spent with anyone but myself.

With Jimmy Ballard on everyone's minds, we managed to have a very-very
great Memorial Day.

The eye is mine, Frenchy and I went to have it cleaned and he saw the picture the Ocularist made of the surfer and Frenchy said we should post it.  Otherwise it would have been my match up eye.

Penny had a good time as did we all. And I just might be able to get her to go to Florida, to Franks grand  reunion.  She really enjoyed the conversation.

I just thought I would share this with you all and to let you know Danzo we are headed out surfing this morning, I'll have to mail that picture to you.

Mike (Rat 39) you were defiantly right about Frenchy, when he starts pacing I know its time to hit the bars, him with a beer and me a soda, you can see him transform after he has drinking half of the beer. "Big Smile" comes over his face.

It was truly a fun mini, lots of food and friends, and of course croquet, I still hold the championship by the way.

But Jimmy Ballard is on all our minds.

Off for some surfing.

Calvin Sloan


The "wimmin" insisted on not being in the picture, but they were all there, having a good time.  It really was a blast - great hospitality, great food, great friends, great weather - just perfect!

John & Heidi Q


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