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"Fighters or Lovers?"
Blackhawks John Weaver, Jim Bennett
& Bill Britt

"Top and the Rats"
March 1967 group shot courtesy of Bob Shea
"Rat Pack"
Rodney is the old man of the group and the rest are just baby fng's
woods_4.jpg (44424 bytes)
"Rat Pack"
Someone said Hail and the Rats all said Hell Yea.  Hold my beer and watch this.   The gangs all here so I would walk lightly if I were you.

woods_5.jpg (132243 bytes)

"Rat Pack"
Well some of them any way....
Only way to get all these guys together was at the "O" club..
rats_at_play.jpg (37279 bytes)
"Red Ryders"
Second Platoon.

CuChi(?) 1969.
Photo provided by Arnie Leak, Crusader 27
thegang.jpg (29047 bytes)

"Put A Hurt On Charlie"
We had a variety of things to ruin Charlie's Day.

Doug Windsand, Al Payne and Charlie Zachs
Circa 1970 
Photo provided by: Doug Windsand

"187th Avionics Crew"

Fall of 1971 at DiAn

Cr_37.JPG (53355 bytes)

First Platoon - Late 1969

Photo provided by Bruce C. Anderson

(L-R) Ray Stratton, Vince Tortolano,
Bob Icard,      ???,  Chris "Ole Riles" Reilly

Tort_grp copy.jpg (34666 bytes)

First Platoon - Fall of 1971

Maggots doing what they do best: grinning, eating and drinking beer.
Picture taken late 71 or early 72.  Provided by Johnny Johnson

jj25.jpg (36379 bytes)

"More Maggots"
Tay Ninh in the Summer of '71
Crew is (l-R).
Spec. Wright, CW3 Aston (in seat),
WO1 Bennet, Greg Monroe.
(Photo donated by Greg Monroe.)

more_maggots.jpg (17325 bytes)

"On top of the Virgin"
Circa 1967
L to R.....Roger Gilbert, WO Wayne 'Crash' Coe, Bob'Frenchy'Gibeault

Photo Provided By: Roger Gilbert

nbd_frenchy.jpg (33833 bytes)

"Circa 1967"
Left to right: ?, Imants Celtnicks, Harold Brummits, 
Bob 'Frenchy' Gibeault

Photo provided by: Bob'Frenchy'Gibeault

frenchy_crew67.jpg (24183 bytes)

 left to right: 
Cpt. Champ, SFC Foster, Sp5 Kelly, Sp5 Hosteller, 
Sp5 Moore, Sp5 Faydo, SSG Short.
Photo provided by: Duane Faydo

lancelot.jpg (74704 bytes)

Somebody was short so we were having a little party.( left to right) John Kenny,
 Duane Faydo , Al Payne. 

Circa 1971 
Photo provided by: Duane Faydo

short_ party.jpg (16374 bytes)

(Photo provided by Robert McKenzie)

robtdmckenzie.jpg (20758 bytes)
"Guard Mount"
It was a thankless job, but someone had to watch
so that others could sleep and be ready for the next
days missions.

Circa 1970 
Photo provided by: Doug Windsand
"Repairing the Perimeter Concertina"
It was a constant project. If Charlie or his friends
didn't cut it up, Mother Nature and her weather
rusted through it.

Circa 1970 
Photo provided by: Doug Windsand
"Christmas 1970"
It wasn't "back in the world", but it helped
let off a little tension in the club.  

Circa 1971 
Photo provided by: Doug Windsand
"Supply Room Crew"

Seated Left to Right:  Jimmy Strait, Dennis Broderick, Captain Stanley R.
Burford, SSgt James "Jim" Shults, Unknown
Standing Left to Right:  Jerry L. Youngblood, Donald E. Guthrie

Mid 1969 - Photo provided by: Jerry Youngblood
Gary Greenfield, Mike Eastham
& Tom Kammers

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