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All Photo's on this page provided by William "Mild Bill" Jones

Entrance to "Blackhawk Land"  Notice that there is not much there but the sign.  By the time I (Rat 38) got there in 2/70, Tay Ninh Base Camp was a city.  Two months later it was empty again.

Bhland.jpg (34307 bytes)
The Black "Virgin" Lady Mountain
 with field hospital in fore ground.
Blkvirgi copy.jpg (25795 bytes)
Left to right are Jr. Smith, Paul Packebush and Robert Ander with breakfast in a bottle.
Buds.jpg (13446 bytes)
Photos taken in EM Club

Traveling   road show

"Digger Revell"

from the land down under.

Girls1.jpg (18326 bytes)
Girls2.jpg (19339 bytes)
One of the big boys......
Preparing to lift small mountain in back ground.
Heavy.jpg (16120 bytes)
Maj. Burns and Snake driver talking..... Majburn6.jpg (34898 bytes)
A "Play Boy" Snake but one of the first.   Single mini in the turret.  Duel Headlights in nose cone.  What the heck is the pilot wearing?  Even has an armed guard.  Back then, Snake Pilots wore black flight suits. Chop3.jpg (36428 bytes)
Photo taken at Sharpe Army Depot late Feb. or Early Mar. 67.

(L-R) Sgt. Whaile, Kramlet and William Billy Tuppet

Barracks copy.jpg (24169 bytes)
Standard wing setup for the original Snakes.   159 Pods (19 rockets) on the outside of the wings with mini guns on the inboard.   PS;  This was Rat "39", Mike Melia's favorite setup in 70.  Saved old Hodges "Rat 38" butt from a .51 cal.  with this setup.  Yep, Rat 39 killed a .51 deader than hell with a couple of Mini Guns.  Thank much bro.   Lot of guts.  If you have never seen 8,000 rounds of 7.62 chewing things up you can't even imagine.  More fun than a man should have :-) Arms2.jpg (36865 bytes)



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