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All Photographs in this section provided by Pat Dougan
Crusader 16, Rat Pack 5, SMOKEY@187th AHC 68-69
O' Club Gathering
Looks Serious
lg0069.JPG (35440 bytes)
Mike Huff
1st Plt
LG0091.JPG (24566 bytes)
Kirk Nivins, 1st Plt and un-named others
digging the infamous hole.
L96.jpg (17466 bytes)
Mule Skinner Chinook with a message for Ho.
"My thoughts exactly."
img0001.JPG (30088 bytes)
Steak fry with the Cav.
after they were moved to Tay Ninh
img0002.JPG (25255 bytes)
Crusader 6's Jeep
with battle damage after first rocket attack to company area
img0005.JPG (20580 bytes)
Officers Shower
Bad from any view. Rocket hit 10 ft. from shower
img0007.JPG (25610 bytes)
Cpt Joe Saunders 2nd Plt
CWO Joe Gorecki
CWO Bill Dovorak
"How long has Dougan been down there"
img0013.JPG (29866 bytes)
"REAL" CAV guys
Came to save Tay Ninh with I Corp tactics and lost all
their birds within 3 weeks.
"Should have listened"
img0004.JPG (19046 bytes)
Dave Smith (back) 1st Plt.
Thomas Decker with hat and one other (CRS)
celebrate rebuilding of shower with an old folk dance.
img0008.JPG (20075 bytes)


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