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All Photographs on this page provided by Pat Dougan
Crusader "16", Rat Pack "5," SMOKEY@187th AHC 68-69
CPO Jerry Dougan, visiting from USS Ranger, examines Aviation Fire Truck hit by 1st 240mm rocket fired in III Corps - Jan 69 cpo dugan.jpg (25696 bytes)
Cpt. Jimmy Ray and CPO Jerry Dougan compare war stories at the P-Tube. img0011.JPG (15478 bytes)
1st Plt Mamma San earning her money.  'Anyone missing their OD Boxers?' img0021.JPG (19924 bytes)
Don't have a name. Roomed with Pat Dougan and was infused into the Cav. img0025.JPG (23500 bytes)
Small part of Saigon from the air. img0027.JPG (38603 bytes)
CWO Larry Lagasse and CWO Ron Timberlake
1st Plt. Pilots Extraordinare
img0054.JPG (39262 bytes)
Cpt.  Jim Ray (left) - 1st Plt. and Rat Pack with CPO Jerry Dougan img0010.JPG (20428 bytes)
CWO (CRS) in operations img0020.JPG (22236 bytes)
CWO Asa Vest (l) 1st Plt. / Rat Pack and - CWO Eric Mercer, 1st Plt., practice Olympic quality moves on C model rotor blade used for sidewalk. img0024.JPG (21576 bytes)
Saigon from the back of a taxi.
"You want to change money GI, I give you good deal."
img0026.JPG (23715 bytes)
Super Chief Stan Parr, Trouble Shooter "6" (Avionics)
"Don't play poker with this man."
img0038.JPG (13500 bytes)
"Tay Ninh Tower, Rat "38" has 4 Killer Rats to your West for landing at the Rat HoleGot your numbers" img0065.JPG (12172 bytes)



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