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All pictures on this page were contributed by Dan Crummett

Crusader Slicks (half a flight) make pass over Tay Ninh field. Cr_13 copy.JPG (11051 bytes)
Lt. Col. Whittikind's chrome plated Huey "905" after sappers nailed it and the maintenance hanger on July 23,1971.  Sappers left a VC flag hanging in the maintenance hanger. Cr_15 copy.JPG (25604 bytes)
MP Hooch after July 23, 1971 sapper attack.  No more Disciplinary Reports on Avionics crews for driving out to the airfield with a 3/4-ton truck and no daily dispatch papers from the motor pool, nor for not wearing shirts on the airfield.  No sweat,,, we didn't miss 'em!!!! Cr_19 copy.JPG (23322 bytes)
Orderly Room in Di An after hand grenade took out kiosk where bulletins were posted.  Seems someone wrote an inflammatory letter over the signature block of Cpt. David M. Mabardy....Someone apparently took issue with the message Cr_24 copy.JPG (29764 bytes)
Touch and Go Tango with a slick from the 135thAHC at Di An.  As air crews will attest, a hard landing will cause a main rotor blade to bounce down and cut off anything that gets in its maybe a tail boom. 
 No one hurt. Gave fireman something to do.
Cr_25 copy.JPG (13292 bytes)
Nui Ba Din (Black Virgin Mountain)
The mountain took on a real significance not long after arriving at Tay Ninh...Missed it much after the DiAn move.
Cr_3 copy.JPG (10326 bytes)
Sunset at Tay Ninh...only weeks before the move to Di An. Cr_21 copy.JPG (15331 bytes)


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