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Sapper damage at Di An, October 13, 1971.  No flight line perimeter lights made it easy for sappers to sneak in and do the deed.  Crash and rescue guys could not fight fire because the fire truck had no operational pumps. 

(Photo by Dan Crummett)

Cr_32 copy.JPG (28894 bytes)
DC31.jpg (30813 bytes) More Crusader ships lost to sappers 
at Di An on October 13, 1971.

(Photo by Dan Crummett)

DC 33.JPG (143931 bytes)
Sun set at Tay Ninh only weeks before moving to Di An
(Photo by Dan Crummett)
dc-sunset.JPG (8476 bytes)
A German Shepard cross...big with curled feral tail and drooping eye from one of many fights....none of which he lost from June 1971 to February 1972.  Most folks at Tay Ninh and Di An during this time will recognize Monster.  He had a no problem hopping on a UH-1 as long as he was invited.  Monster was an important part of company life.
(Photo by Dan Crummett)

dc-monster.JPG (18096 bytes)

Cobra in for PE
left to right:
Sp4 Windsand & Sp4 Walker.
Photo submitted by Duane Faydo)

cobra_ p_ e.jpg (31825 bytes)
fay_flyby_2 copy.jpg (13030 bytes) Fly By's at Tay Ninh
Photo submitted by Duane Faydo)
fay_flyby_1 copy.jpg (23861 bytes)
Left to right are: Jack Thompson, Seabrook, Johnny Johnson and  Ted Parker. 

Fall of 1971

(Photo and comments by Johnny Johnson 71-72)

00000040.jpg (21491 bytes)
Captured Viet Cong...
Picture taken at the Dumas Pad in Tay Ninh before transporting the two to Long Bien.

(Photo and comments by Johnny Johnson 71-72)

00000049.jpg (16864 bytes)

ARVN Army Rangers at the Tay Ninh air field (Nui Ba in the background).  We were inserting a battalion of ARVN Rangers near the border in the northern most part of Tay Ninh Province in the fall of 1971.

(Photo and comments by Johnny Johnson 71-72)

00000056.jpg (25790 bytes)
Ted Parker (right) enjoys a cold one while Ken Bennett  pats Maggot, the first platoon mascot.  Ted and Ken are "Mung" pilots.  The picture was taken in the Mung area.  Picture taken fall of 71. 

(Photo and comments by Johnny Johnson 71-72)

01d8_017.jpg (24139 bytes)

Jimi Williams foreground. I need help with the other I.D's.

(Photo Jimi Williams 71-72)

(Photo by Rodney Woods -Rat-"31"  early 71)

Aircraft "279" 
Early morning flight to An Loc.

Frank Drinkwine and Mike Elliot (black helmet) in the back pretending to be Ms. Daisy



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