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Dedicated to our lost
Blackhawk and Crusader Brothers.

truly earned their wings.

God bless our brothers of the sky.

They gave all they had that we might be free.

The following Brave Men died in the
Republic of Vietnam:

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CPT Ellis Miller Bailey  

17/Mar/40  ~ 11/Oct/67

Hometown: Itasca, TX

Incident Report


PFC Charles Douglas Blair

15/Feb/50  ~ 14/May/70

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Incident Report



Brady, Jim 

SP4 James Gregory Brady

28/Jan/48  ~  27/Nov/68

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Incident Report
Picture of Headstone



SGT Daniel Scanlon Brooker

19/Sep/51 ~ 15/Nov/71

Hometown:  New Smyrna Beach, FL
Incident Report



SGT Luis Hector Campos

13/Apr/49  ~  27/Sep/71

Hometown: Meadow, TX
Incident Report




SGT  Jerome Dee Chandler

20/Nov/44 ~  27/Nov/68

Hometown: Norfolk, NE
Incident Report




SGT John Andrew Charnoplosky

31/Dec/54 ~ 15/Nov/71

Hometown: Fairmont, WV
Incident Report



SP4 Joseph Leonard Colotti

3/Feb/48  ~  19/Apr/67

Hometown: Glens Falls, NY



CW2 Howard Brisbane Comer

4/Jun/45 ~  24/Nov/69

Hometown: Jacksonville, Fl
Incident Report




SP5 David De Witt Creel

12/May/48  ~  27/Nov/68

Hometown: Long Beach, MS
Incident Report




CPT Thomas Albert Derosier

20/Jul/38 ~ 7/Jul/67

Hometown: Fall River, MA
Incident Report



WO1 Allen Eugene Duneman

19/Jan/43 ~ 27/Nov/68

Hometown: Magnolia, IA
Incident Report



eckle1.jpg (17566 bytes)

WO1 Stephen John Eckle

18/Feb/43 ~ 12/Apr/68

Hometown: Columbus, OH 

Incident Report



SP5 Clyde Sampson Evans

21/Mar/49 ~ 21/May/69

Hometown: Portsmouth, OH
Incident Report




WO1 John Francis Fitzgerald

20/May/47 ~ 12/Apr/68

Hometown: Norwood, MA

Incident Report




SP4 Fredrick Harry Frazer

21/Mar/49 ~ 27/Nov/68

Hometown: Wickenburg, AZ
Incident Report


SP5 William John Johnson

23/Jan/51 ~ 12/Feb/71

Hometown: Santa Maria, CA
Incident Report



SP4 James Randall Jones Jr

19/Apr/49 ~ 24/Nov/69

Hometown: Leavenworth, WA
Incident Report




SP4 Roy Douglas Jordan

11/Feb/51 ~ 27/Dec/70

Hometown: Logansport, IN




WO1 Steven Dale Karnehm

 16/Oct/48~ 27/Sep/71

Hometown: Piqua, OH
Incident Report




CPT Donald Robert Kilpatrick

 13/Dec/46~ 02/Sep/69

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Incident Report




CPT John Julliano Kintaro

 24/Apr/42 ~ 27/Sep/71

Hometown: Pacific Islands
Incident Report



WO1 Raymond Henry Krug Jr.

31/Aug/50 ~ 14/May/70

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Incident Report



SGT Edwin Allen Kudlacek 

19/May/51 ~ 27/Sep/71

Hometown: Omaha, NE
Incident Report



CPT Thomas John Larkin II

15/Aug/46 ~ 14/May/70

Hometown: Steubenville, OH
Incident Report




SGT Dennis Jay Lulofs 

25/Mar/47 ~ 16/Feb/68

Hometown:  Clarksville, MI
 Incident Report




 WO1 Gerald David Markland

6/Jan/48 ~ 28/Dec/68

Hometown:  Albuquerque, NM
 Incident Report




WO1 Vincent Patrick Martin Jr

 5/Mar/48 ~ 15/Nov/71

Hometown:  Mobile, AL
 Incident Report




SP4 Stephen Chester Ponty Jr.

 28/May/49 ~ 28/Dec/68

Hometown:  Monmouth Junction, NJ
 Incident Report




SP4 Michael Grant Porter

26/Aug/47  ~ 13/Apr/69

Hometown:  Anaheim, CA
 Incident Report



CPT Billie Taylor Presson

   2/May/39 ~ 20/Sep/67

Hometown:  Paducah, KY
 Incident Report



WO1 Thomas Joe Puff

  23/Feb/51 ~ 15/Nov/71

Hometown:  Garden Grove, CA
 Incident Report




1LT August Karl Ritzau

23/Jul/45  ~ 27/Nov/68

Hometown:  Clackamas, OR
 Incident Report



MAJ Evert Eugene Robeson

3/Feb/32  ~ 22/Nov/67

Rapid City, SD


SP4 Ricardo Ibrahin Romero

28/Jan/48 ~ 13/Apr/69

Hometown:  Jersey City, NJ
 Incident Report




* MAJ Charles Edward Sauer

10/Aug/35 ~ 07/Jul/67

Hometown:  Fairfield, CT
 Incident Report




SGT Kenneth Charles Scruton

28/Mar/42 ~ 05/Jan/68

Hometown:  Mineola, NY

 Incident Report




CPT James Garland Siddons

13/Feb/45 ~ 12/Feb/71

Hometown:  Chicago, IL
Incident Report



* PFC Paul Joseph Simon

26/Dec/46 ~ 07/Jul/67

Hometown:  Abbeville, LA
 Incident Report




* CPL  Ivra Allen Tatum

20/Oct/44 ~ 07/Jul/67

Hometown:  Stephens, AR
 Incident Report



SP4 Kent Childs Taylor

18/Jul/49 ~ 14/May/70

Hometown:  Orem, UT
 Incident Report




SP5 Harold Allen Tharp Jr.

23/Feb/43 ~ 12/Apr/68

Hometown:  Alamogordo, NM
 Incident Report



W01 Charles Chester Wilcox

04/Dec/45 ~ 07/Dec/67

Hometown:  Buffalo, NY
 Incident Report



SP4 Laurence Atwood Young

15/Oct/49 ~ 24/Nov/69s

Hometown:  Miami, FL
 Incident Report

* Denotes first members of the 187th Assault Helicopter Company 
to die on an operational mission in the Republic of


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