Nature of War


As I arose to meet dawn’s early light;

Today I was intent on making a deadly fight;

The rockets and mortars were incoming all night;

The bastards who did that deserved a fight;


They disturbed my sleep, but I refused to move;

I was tired of running and resolved to sleep;

If they could hit me, my body would just be part of the heap;

There had been others who had died in cowering fear;

As for me, if I were to die, it would be sleeping right here;


The break of day showed the damage;

The casualty report grim;

Resolved me more to take it to him;

The bastards who did that deserved a fight;


Off we went at dawn’s early light;

Bouncing in rhythm to the blade up above;

Looking for retribution paid for with blood;

Get him in my sights, I laugh with glee;

The bastard paid for doing that to me;


As I reflect on the things that we did, I understand more;

The bastard who paid had a family and more;

His friends considered us the bastards even more;

And that my friend is the nature of war.


Kirk Nivens, Blackhawk 47

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