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Flight over Ap Cho

Bob 'Frenchy' Gibeault 187thahc
Duty Calls Kimberly M.  Lovetere
Daughter of:  Tom F.  Lovetere
The Girl in the Bug Eyed Sprite Dan Crummett 
187th AHC
To Be A Veteran Richard E. Bail Jr.
187th AHC
A Viet Nam Experience Tom 'the Toe' Talarico 
27th Regiment 'Wolfhound'
Tribute Virginia A. Gibeault
Wife of a 187th "Rat Pack" Warrior
Weep Deborah Mary Poel
Wife of a 187th "Maggot" Warrior)
Soldier George L. Skypeck
Name Unknown - Christmas Theme S. Omar Barker

The Lone Survivor

Dan Crummett
187th AHC
The Wall Dick Cross 
VHPA # 526
Flying West Capt. Michael J. Larkin

I Salute you Sir!!!

Rick Bailey
Bulldog 10
Just a Simple Soldier A. Lawrence Vaincourt

The Flight-Line

SSG Joey Broussard 187thahc 69/70

The Vietnam Pilot

SSG Joey Broussard 187thahc 69/70

The Wall

SSG Joey Broussard 187thahc 69/70

My Friend Jonsey

SSG Joey Broussard 187thahc 69/70

Nam Vet's + Hero sent sadly home

Joe Skarda 187thahc 5/69 - 6/70

To My Son By Alan H. Kelly

Submitted by Bob Icard 187thahc 


Submitted by Mike Campbell 187thahc 

Crusader Down

 Bert Lord 187thahc 'Chopper 577'

Ye Holy Land

SSG Joey Broussard 187thahc 69/70

What Is A Woman (For Heidi Q.)

SSG Joey Broussard 187thahc 69/70

Nature of War

CWO Kirk Nivens Original Blackhawk

Narrow Ribbon Strip

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