To Be A Veteran

Richard E. Bail Jr.
187th Assault Helicopter Company

Tell me the name of one POW or one MIA
You can't do it I do dare say.
But all veterans remember them well,
You see we served with them thru all of the hell.

They didn't care that we gave it our all ,
To keep the peace and the wars off our halls.
You called us names and caused us disgrace,
But never willing to take our place.

You condemned us to a life that we already lived ,
You see us in a box but nothing you give. .
We buy computers with a room all our own .
But you don't like us and won't leave us alone.

You still call us names just like before,
The only problem is you've never seen war.
You think you are better than we,
But let me tell you... you just can't be.

We fought and died doing what was right ,
You think you are better but you aren't very bright.
Now we are older and not in the mood,
To hear you holler and listen to you brood,

We all have our problems we will agree,
But you have yours that you don't even see.
Remember this and remember it well ,
You might not be here here if we didn't go through hell.

So you looked up a list of MIA'S
I can show you thousands of POW'S here today.
They're being held captive in the USA
What a great way to make our day.

To all of you guys that were held over there ,
We still remember you in all of our Prayers.
To all of us being held captive by society today,
We will still stand tall in every way.

SALUTE......All MIA'S and POW'S

Richard E. Bail Jr....Veteran's Day 1999


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