The Flight-line

Chicken Man SSG Joey Broussard, Unscheduled Maintenance 187TH 
 AHC -  69/70

The Flight-Line


Up in the morning, I saw my way

So dark, so hot, what a day

The flight-line was near as blades turned about

I summoned my crew with a loud crazy shout


Riding with tool box over rough terrain

We were close to the crews as it started to rain

The pilots looked ready and high in their seat

As crew-chiefs and gunners looked tired and so beat


Loading their weapons, ammo and all

Crew-chiefs and Gunners were ready to fall

Thinking of God, Country and Home

These fighting young men were never alone


The mission was nearing with calls from over there

Working fast to fix it, as crew's watched and stared

Red X's to Slashes who could tell

These men were ready to fly into hell


Lifting up to hover on this day

One ship, two ship, so many on their way

These ships lined up like a thing of beauty

Ready to take off and do their duty


Stories came in as time passed along

That we lost some friends, what was wrong?

We waited for news as time went away

We'll never forget them to this very day


We buried our own in our minds they stay

There wasn’t a day that we failed to pray

God forgive those who did not understand

The heart and soul of our fighting man


Don't be sad, we all thought we'd die

In a country we helped see eye to eye

Our brother's fell hard with bravery and dare

God took them one-by-one on their last flight with care


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