7 August 1967

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.51 Cal. holes received on 7/Aug/67  
Possibly Bill Britt's Ship


Copy of the official After Action Report submitted by Maj. William (Bad Bill) Bauman,  Blackhawk 6, Commander, 187th Assault Helicopter Company.

"7/AUG/67 - No Tail, No Fly"

Wayne (Crash) Coe with Martin "Magnet Ass" Jansen submit this thrilling account of their day with the Blackhawks on 7/AUG/67.

"7/AUG/67 - The Tiger Rescue"

An account of 7/AUG/67 by Tommy Martin.  Still wet behind the ears, Tom relates his memories and thoughts of this day from the perspective of a pilot still wet behind the ears.  HOLD ON TO YOUR PANTS.

"Mad Minute and The Aftermath"

Tommy Martin's Follow up to "The Tiger Rescue"

This is a picture taken after the 2nd four ship insertion, the ship in view is Capt. Wagner's I believe.  Out of sight and to the right is Billy Presson's crashed ship as you can see Presson's crew are helping to unload weapons and avionics.  The only crew I can ID is the unmistakable profile of CE Harold Brummits.  This shot was taken from the only ship not shot down during that insertion, AC Bill Britts.       

Frenchy          (Photo and text by Bob "Frenchie" Gibeault)

"Frenchy Responds"

Bob "Frenchy" Gibeault responds to "Tiger Rescue" with more details 
about the incident and an intriguing death.

"Razorback "33" Remembers 7/Aug/67

Razorback "33" was a pilot in one of the many ships to get caught in the madness of this day.  
This is his story

The aftermath of the 2nd insertion.  Most of the men were rescued by Aircraft Commander Bill Britt and 
PP Steve Hartmann 

 L to R standing, WO Pickney, Capt Wagner, WO Bill Britt, seated CE Imants Celtnicks, Harold Brummits, Standing CE Bruce Matthews? mini VC recon and intel element, Standing, red scarf, SFC Lester Kapelka senior NCO (4/12th,199th LIB)

(Photo and text by Bob "Frenchie" Gibeault)


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