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All Photographs in this section provided by Pat Dougan
Crusader 16, Rat Pack 5, SMOKEY@187th AHC 68-69
Operations Clerk
Who Are You?
lg0065.JPG (27523 bytes)
Joe Gorecki, 2nd Plt
Bill Divorak, 2nd Plt and Rat Pack,
Alan Donovan, 2nd Plt
lg0070.JPG (32522 bytes)
"The Hole"
Swimming pool or IG locker???
Hey!  Can anyone spell "Water Table?
lg0100.JPG (41624 bytes)
Bet you have seen this happen in Nam...
Blame it on the locust...............
Acdown copy.jpg (33001 bytes)
Awards Ceremony in early 68
Do You Know These Guys?
Check out the Rat Pack Scarves.....Too Cool
Bob Icard is receiving award from General ?.
Maj. Russell Folta at Generals right.

(Photo supplied by Bob Icard)
Icard VN awards1.jpg (39771 bytes)
Were you flying this day? fltboard.JPG (36525 bytes)
Ye Holy Land

"Home of God's Lunatics"

holyland .JPG (17037 bytes)
"That Dougan numba 10 GI.
Two beers he is on the floor and he leave no tip."
barmaid.JPG (16397 bytes)
"You get these little suckers in your hair and you have
to beat them out."
jay.JPG (21153 bytes)
"Who's big idea was it to dress like the natives?"
Bince.JPG (23564 bytes)


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