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* Joe *
"You finish yet?"
VC Major or Pyromaniac?
This is the man we called "Joe the shit burner."  Joe had the job of burning the deposits we all left in the latrines.   (Toilets in a barrel for you civilians.)  Joe really had what may be the shittiest job in the world but was always smiling. 
SB Charlie.jpg (54589 bytes)
Tay Ninh Post Card
A message to Uncle Ho from some of the guys.
Mule copy.JPG (17306 bytes)
High Over-Head approach into
Tay Ninh

(Photo by Tom Tesmar)

Hiovrhd .JPG (27345 bytes)
Operations Bunker operations.JPG (24728 bytes)
Waiting in the mud at Katum
Not a fun place to be.
Katum copy.JPG (22337 bytes)
Some of the guys taking a quick break from 
their duties for a pose before the camera.

Photo provided by Calvin Sloan)
calvin_group copy.jpg (23519 bytes)



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